We Help Agencies Add $7k To Their Revenue In 7 Days

...By first, creating an irresistible offer only a lunatic would say no to.

Ready To Quickly Scale Your Agency

And Be The Entrepreneur

You Started Your Agency To Become?

You Instantly get access to a Secret Formula that will add $15k in 15 days to your revenue, GUARANTEED! You make an immediate positive ROI working with us
$7k In A 7 Day Free Trial? Yes, instantly get ahold of our sales formula and strategy calls for fresh ideas, systems, and sales processes...

After all... We're an End-To-End Operations/Strategy Agency designed for Digital Agencies! 
Luck and pushy calls don't cut it anymore.

That's a lousy sales process. You need a Smashing Acquisition Structure! 

1. Only Lunatics Will Say No To You

That's the goal of our Free Trial:
- To build an irresistible offer that only a lunatic would say no to.
- Strategy calls with Brandie for fresh ideas, systems, and sales processes.
- Copywriting sales asset scripts/reviews. 
- Add $7k to your revenue.

2. Strategy Calls To Level Up Your Agency

On these weekly calls, Totally Brand It will strategize with you, to level up your sales process, close an insane amount of clients CONSISTENTLY and free up more time for you to live your life!

3. Build A Client Acquisition Machine Base.

Totally Brand It will build with you a Client Acquisition Machine that you are free to change as your agency grows, filled with Sales Assets pre-written by our copywriters for you worth $1000s of dollars and teach you how to use it.

4. Access to Strategies on...

- A killer Prospecting Strategy for new Clients consistently with your new irresistible offer.
- Copywriting assistance with our unparalleled sales methods. (Scripts, ad copies, etc.)
- Automations to save you at least 6 hours a day.
- Where the breaking points are in your agency and how to correct them.
- To learn how to measure, track data, and optimize on it to further expand you Client Acquisition Machine.
Moral Of The Story: We Help Agency Owner Discover The Things They Know They Should Do, But Don't Do 
We Explode Your Business And Walk away In Slow Motion 

Kick Yourself Out Of Your Sales Process 

Totally Brand It works alongside your Agency to build you a Client Acquisition Machine to find and close clients while strategically working with you to continously improve your sales process, evenutally removing yourself from the tiring everyday tasks so you can travel and spend time with family!

In the first photo here, you can see an example of some of the strategy we provide to our beautiful, amazing clients!
Our goal is to nurture and warm your lead SO MUCH to the extent that when they jump on a call with you, they know exactly who you are and how you can help! Which means, your sales/demo calls are now shortened, which means it's much more valuable for your lead and that means your calls are now purely going to be cash producing and that's it. 

There's no magic to this, it's pure logic. Nobody currently in the industry knows or does nurturing of leads on autopilot.
A business relying on referrals is no business, it's just a yet another entity good enough to keep the lights on and bring mediocre results! If you don't like mediocre click "Get A Price" below and see how we could help you! 
Why Are We So Revolutionary?
A young energetic serial entrepreneur looking to change the scope of Client Acquisition. She understood that 90% of Agency Owners rely only on referrals for client acquisition. That statistic disturbed her. 

Since then, she's helped kick off a number of online based Agencies, her most successful being a Lead Generation Agency.

Now, she's on a voyage to impact Agencies around the world and introduce them to lethal sales systems that don't require millions but can generate a king's ransom! 

Brandie Grace Wong

Founder of Totally Brand It 

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