Case Study: ROAS Marketing Agency

"First $3000/Month Paying Client In 1 Week"

Before ROAS Marketing Agency started working with Totally Brand It, they did not have a built and customized CRM, or even a CRM in general! On top of that, they were spending a lot of time talking to and closing lower quality leads, which meant that they were charging less in monthly retainers. 

When Totally Brand It came knocking on their door, ROAS Marketing Agency was looking for solutions to two problems: How to talk to only qualified leads, and how to make sure their leads don’t get lost and are nurtured until they CLOSE. 
The Results:
ROAS Marketing Agency now has a Client Acquisition Machine built by Totally Brand It that runs 24/7! In their first week of working with Totally Brand It, they had 10 filtered leads that we personally called up and qualified before sending them over to ROAS Marketing Agency. One of those high-quality, qualified Leads closed with ROAS Marketing Agency CLOSED. All in the first week! 

Because Totally Brand It called all 10 of the filtered leads, that saved ROAS Marketing Agency at least 5 hours of Demonstration calls with 9 of the unqualified leads. 

Today, ROAS Marketing Agency is receiving 25 filtered leads a week, that we call to qualify. 

But the real biggest asset was the Client Acquisition Machine created by Totally Brand It, that made sure no qualified and HOT LEADS slip through the crack ever again! 
The Process:
  • Created messaging with the pain points of ROAS Marketing Agency’s target market in mind. 
  • ​​Started sending 500-600 messages a day for Lead Generation.
  • ​​Implemented the “7 Hours of Content Rule”. High-Quality Leads need 7 hours of content to close. 
  • ​​Built out and programmed their CRM to catch Leads and CLOSE them while they’re HOT. 
  • Softwares used:, Slack, Zapier, Calendly.
  • Created systems around the Nurturing Emails that we wrote for them to stay on the Lead’s Radar. 
  • ​Created Automated Reminders and informative emails that send out when a Lead books a Discovery Call or a Demonstration call with ROAS Marketing Agency themselves (Not Calendly Reminders). 
  • Called the Leads for Discovery calls with Totally Brand It!
  • Our Success Representative called up the leads, qualified them, booked them in for a Demonstration Call, and got them excited to speak to ROAS Marketing Agency.
  • ​Called Leads that promised they would close after a Demonstration call to check in. 
  • ​Send out SMS messages to ask Leads if they have checked their emails yet.
  • Created Sales Assets to increase reply and booking rates.
  • ​Sales Funnels
  • ​Sales Letters
  • ​Wrote and published Case Studies. 
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